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Using Your Why To Maintain Healthy Habits

All of us become a part of a routine. We wake up a certain time every morning. We take the same route to work each day. We may frequent the same church every Sunday. These actions are a part of our routines because it is something we do day by day by day by day. But what happens when our routine changes? The children return to school. You start a new career. You move to a new community. These life adjustments cause us to create a new routine that complements our transitions. The challenge with these minor or major shifts is that sometimes we do not always maintain healthy habits while we figure everything out. Some of those healthy habits we created fall by the wayside. The best way to manage this is to evaluate the healthy habits that are important to you, determine your why for maintaining these practices, and incorporate them into your new routine. Consider why you started that Zumba class in the first place or how it benefited you to pray and study before work. Determine the adjustments you need to make to ensure you are investing in a healthier you and proceed. On the flip side, examine yourself and become aware of your unhealthy habits. Where did they come from and how are they hindering you from progressing in areas of your life? Some habits are difficult to break or to form so if you need help, acknowledge that, and get the assistance you need to implement behaviors that add value to your life. You got this. Have an amazing week.

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