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Take A Day Off and Enjoy Life

I am sure that you can attest to the fact that there is not always enough time in the day to accomplish everything we want or need to do. Either we are working on professional tasks, assignments or projects or we are working on personal goals each day. Our minds never really slow down. I am guilty of watching a movie with my family while typing away at my computer. My days off are not really days off. There are always more errands to run, meals to be prepared or housework to complete. Yesterday I had a day off and I had plans for the "work" I was going to accomplish. But instead of working on anything, I sat in my living room and watched movies by myself. I went to the park and just sat with my daughter. I didn't work on any goals. I did not rush to figure out what I needed to do. I just took the time to relax. One of the major health issues, aside from lack of adequate exercise and less than healthy diets is living life in constant stress mode . Instead of worrying about everything we need to manage, let's really take a day off and enjoy life. Don't wait until your next vacation. Do it now. Life really is too short.

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