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Invest In Yourself

Life brings its challenges. To put it plainly "Life be hard". Through our trials, many of us do not take the time to focus on our spiritual, physical and mental well-being. Sometimes we keep going until circumstances cause us to make changes. But what if the strategies we are using to solve problems on our own are not working?

Let me tell you the story of when I truly started my fitness journey (I mean for real). I had lost a lot of weight on my own, using my own methods but I had only dealt with the physical part but had not explored my mental health and the reasons why I had gained weight in the first place. So the Winter season after my 40 lb. weight loss, I gained half of the weight back. I realized that I had applied a temporary fix to an enduring problem.

I knew I needed help be a healthier me so I joined Weight Watchers with the financial assistance of my dear friend (at that time, I could not afford it). Eventually, I found a way to get the money each week to continue my journey. That time with Weight Watchers not only started me on my journey but fueled my career in fitness and the eventual start to my business.

Fast-forward to 2021, after being hit by a world wide pandemic, I had gained weight and had began to resume some of my unhealthy habits (Some are really difficult to break and I still work on them to this day). I decided that I needed help again so I employed my beautiful personal trainer and she was able to get me back into a healthy space.

This year I began counseling sessions to address trauma and to combat depression that began to creep into my mental health. Why am I sharing this? Because these investments of time and money have truly made me a better person. I realized that my spiritual, mental and physical health was much more important than material gain and that I must take time to work on me.

Sometimes we have to lay pride aside (someone had to pay for me to start Weight Watchers, how humbling) and let someone assist us in our processes. So, I admonish you, if you need some support and accountability on this life journey, see what resources are out there for your success. Get a personal trainer, start therapy, or get a life coach. Whatever you need to do to invest in you, do it quickly. Life is going to continue lifeing and it can be better if we focus on our own self-care.

Think about ways to invest time and money into your spiritual, mental and physical well-being and remember, if you need me, I am here to help. I want to support you as someone supported me. Believe me, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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