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Celebrating 12 Year in Business

Ok, you all, I have a special contest running for August in celebration of 12 years in business but I will present it to you all first being a part of my faithful fit family. In order to join the contest, you must be a member on my website and a part of the 50 Ways to 50 Fitness Initiative on my site I will be offering PERSONAL TRAINING monthly sessions for 50%, 30%, and 20% off and a free Healthy Life Style session to first three people to correctly answer these questions.

1. How long have I been in the fitness industry?

2. What weight-loss company did I work for before I started my business? Bonus: How long did I work for them?

3. What certifications/specializations do I have through NASM/AFAA? (The people that get at least most of these right will be considered)

The first that gets the most or all of these answers correct will be the one considered for first place prize. If you do not need personal training or healthy lifestyle coaching, please consider sharing this opportunity with someone you know. EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO ME!!!!!

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