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7 Tips to Being a Healthier You

As some of you may know, I turned 49 last month and I created a fitness initiative called Fifty Ways to Fifty Fitness Initiative so that my fit family could join me on my journey to fifty. The purpose of this movement is to share my knowledge about living a fit life and to practice what I preach as I prepare for the big 5-0 next year. The majority of my content is on Facebook but I realize that all my faithful friends do not utilize social media, so this is my attempt to include you all and let you know how special you are to me. Since July 1, I have been sharing tips or ways to become a healthier us each week so here are your first seven tips and I will share a tip a week on my blog from now on. So, let's get started and don't forget to join the initiative by going to

  1. Journaling- Not only will it help us with our process but it will show our progress.

  2. Get active doing an activity you enjoy- When you enjoy an activity, you are more likely to do it regularly so whether it's walking, dancing, hiking, biking, or weight training or something else all together, start incorporating it into your life today

  3. Track your calorie expenditure and consumption- Not only will this hold you accountable but it will help you in your effort to lose weight and or gain muscle.

  4. Remain consistent in your healthy habits- Start with one healthy habit at a time and continue to build on your success

  5. Focus on your accomplishments- Don't worry about where you have failed. Focus on your success and build on it.

  6. Discover what you have learned in your fitness journey-Use what you have learned to continue to be successful. Remember whether you fail at something or flourish, everything is a lesson

  7. Get in competition- From my research, individuals are more likely to be physically active if they are involved in competitive activities. So, join your friends and family in a friendly competition and get moving.

So, there you have it. Your first seven tips to being a healthier you. I hope these tips encourage, challenge and motivate you. Please stay tuned for your tip of the week and check out the contest I have for the month of August.

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